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City & Guilds Level 1 ICT Course 

Attendance records for 2020/2021 academic year


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This qualification will enable you to learn, develop and practise the skills required to get started and progress in your career in the travel and tourism sector.
These introductory qualifications are ideal for anyone looking to work in or already working in a number of travel and tourism roles including:
  • holiday representative
  • tour guide
  • tourist information centre assistant
  • travel agent.

City & Guilds ICT Functional Skills Level 1

Depending on which qualification you choose, you'll cover topics including: 

  • hand care, skin care, nail art and shampooing
  • make up application and face painting•Women's hair styling
  • using colour to create an image.

For these qualifications you'll complete practical demonstrations and assignments.

The Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector qualifications provides the skills needed to become a salon assistant


Following completion of these qualifications, you can progress onto a Level 1 or Level 2 NVQ or VRQ Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy.

Klair Lunnon tutor

Youth Works Community College Team Briefing Minutes 

Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible.

Holding attendance records

The Music Technology & Production course is for a duration of 7 weeks. Within the course you will gain very basic knowledge of what goes into making a record, both technology side and production side. You will be creating your own track (Instrumental) and mixing it down to an amateur level.

You will learn about:

- Track Instruments
- Composition

- Track Structure
- Rhythm
- Mixing/Mastering

The course is perfect for anyone who may have a great passion for music and anyone who wishes to challenge themselves further. 
You will intake 4 hours per week and at the end of the course if successful will receive an AQA in Music Technology & Production.

In completing this unit successfully the learner will have

Demonstrated the ability to:

  • - Participate in a music tech & composition course.
  • - Set up and use basic functions of a MIDI keyboard
  • - Set up and use the basic functions of a computer-based music production software package (DAW).
Acquired an understanding of:

  • The importance of being open minded and creative when composing music.
  • How a piece of music is structured.
  • How to set up the studio system and enable recording.
  • Health & Safety in the studio.

Demonstrated the ability to:

  • Cut a sample from a piece of music
  • Compose own instrumental
  • Record & Construct melodies & drums

Shown knowledge of:

  • How to create basic arrangement using Logic loops and drum beats
  • How to cut samples and add them into MIDI via the EXS24 Sampler.
  • Beat construction using ultra beat drum machine.


  • Composing and recording a piece of music using a DAW

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Moodle has been designed specifically to generate user data and these can be created from the following resources and activities.


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